This dry cocktail is ideal for an aperitif and has been inspired by the Dry Martini. It uses the English way of combining spirits (Mah) with vermouth in equal parts unlike the American modus operandi which combines Spirits like Mah with only a small dose of Vermouth.


- 6 cl of MAH
- 6 cl of dry Vermouth (N oilly Pratt recommends)
- 2 green lives


1. Fill a glass with ice cubes to refresh it.
2. Pour the MAH and Vermouth into a mixing glass.
3. Then pour this mixture into another mixing glass that is already filled with ice cubes.
4:. Gently mix everything with a spoon as using a shaker would incorporate air into the drink which is best avoided.
5. Empty the cocktail glass of its ice cubes.
6. Then pour the contents of the mixing glass into the cocktail glass.
7. Add the olives.

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