MAH is a tribute to Mahua. Mahua is India’s oldest indigenous alcohol. It has been distilled for centuries by communities whose lives are intricately interwoven with the forests that sustain them. Considered sacred, the Mahua tree is key to their survival.  Its bark, timber, fruit and leaves have been used to heal, nourish and sustain. Yellow, berry-like flowers burst forth at the onset of tropical summers, mostly in the months of March and April. Sweet and juicy, they are dried, fermented and distilled to produce a drink so delicious that spirits, animals, birds and humans are said to love it with equal relish. A colonial age policy that restricted its production and consumption, to the point where forests and people suffered, is slowly changing. Our community and environment sensitive approach to making MAH is set to pave a new path for appreciating this drink around the world.

We have curated some delicious Mahua cocktails for you! Click here to view and download the same.

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