The Discover Mahua Workshop

Come and discover all that the world of Mahua and its forests represent during a three-day get-together in the heart of Bastar district, Chhattisgarh - where forest communities and indigenous people have given their all to preserve an amazing heritage.Mahua trees and their surrounding forests are valuable bastions of an environmental legacy that the world needs to cherish and celebrate. This get-together is the starting point - a pre-festival event- that will brainstorm how best to celebrate this legacy in a festival that will take place later in the year. It works on the fact that the forests are inextricably tied to the lives of the indigenous communities who live in them and have preserved them to the best of their capacity. Today, when the world has realised more than ever the true value of this legacy, it's time for all of us to get-together and find a way to collaborate and keep it going. Come - become part of the process and discover mahua either for the first time or re-discover it in a deeper way!

What: Jungle Walks, Food Foraging, Round tables, Tasting  & Music. The get-together includes a welcome dinner on the 16th of March, Forest walks on the 17th, 18th and 19th followed by thematic explorations of a) Geographical Indicators for Mahua, b) Women and Preserving Mahua and c) Storytelling and Mahua in the Media - with each day and ending with local music, food and dance. There will be ample opportunity to meet with local communities throughout the event.

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