The Spirit Of The Forest

Mah in France

August 12, 2022

Mah made its appearance in some bars and wine stores all over France this year. Suggestions by Lucas Maraton, from Symbiose, Bordeaux, started the ball rolling. We share with you glimpses of cocktails that were conjured up by Paris' most talented mixers. The cocktails are already in demand, and our aim of making mahua known in this part of the world by keeping in mind the highest standards of taste has well and truly begun.


The 'Mahdras' is one of BABEL'S favourite cocktails. Known for its exquisite cuisine that bridges cultures inspired by the trade history of the silk-route that brought in waves of flavours and tastes over centuries, the MAH based drink compliments each dish while standing on its own. The taste of the forest surrounds you immediately - tropical and warm.


On a hot summer day in Paris, one of Bar Principal's best selling cocktails - the Palomah - with Mah and grapefruit juice, did its magic. The spirit of the forest was summoned with each sip that refreshed like a splash of cool spring water on a parched tongue. The best part ? It works the same magic on a regular day too.

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